4 Unique Ideas On How To Truly Break Free From Binge Eating

Of the many public health issues of today, obesity and “binge” eating are perhaps the most prevalent. While we do overeat on certain occasions, especially on Christmas or Thanksgiving and other holidays, what’s distressing is that more people are overeating regularly, and uncontrollably. Some people even use food as a coping mechanism for stress and other negative emotions. The good thing is that binge eating is a very treatable disorder, and with the right techniques and support, you can learn to break free from binge eating.

What Exactly Is Binge Eating?

According to dietitians and hypnotherapy for weight loss experts, binge eating is described as “an uncontrolled ingestion of large amounts of food within a short period of time”, and this is often accompanied by feelings of powerlessness and the inability to stop it. According to weight loss hypnotherapy Adelaide experts, the main features of binge eating include frequent uncontrollable eating episodes, a feeling of extreme depression and utter helplessness to stop the habit.

The Behavioral & Emotional Manifestations Of Binge Eating

According to hypnotherapy for weight loss Adelaide practitioners, not all binge eating sufferers are overweight or obese, as some are of normal weight and look like perfectly normal individuals. The behavioral manifestations or symptoms of binge eating include eating even when full, the lack of planned mealtimes, inability to control what you’re eating, hiding or stockpiling food and gorging large amounts of food when alone.

The emotional symptoms or manifestations include the lack of satisfaction no matter how much you eat, a feeling of stress or tension, feeling numb while binge eating, feeling guilty or depressed after overeating and a desperation to control weight and eating habits.

4 Unique Ideas For Breaking The Binge Eating Habit

While binge eating is already feared to have reached epidemic proportions, the good thing is that it’s a very treatable condition. There are a lot of ways for treating it, with some using the usual weight loss techniques, while others go for unique methods like hypnotherapy courses Adelaide. Here’s a look at four innovative ideas on how to stop binge eating at its tracks.

1. Have A Reliable Support Group. Many of those who suffer from binge eating often keep their suffering in secret, and don’t tell anyone of their habit. Try telling the people you trust and who will support you, and don’t surround yourself with naysayers and jerks who are just making fun of you, and claim that you’re either overreacting or blowing things out of proportion.

You can reach out to a counselor or a hypnotherapy in Adelaide specialist, or anyone who is qualified to help those who have disordered or totally unhealthy eating habits. You can also lean on your family and friends, as well as join a support group in your community.

2. Duck The Stringent Rules. Perhaps the best way to halt binge eating right at its tracks  would be to junk the very rigid rules on what food to eat, what not to eat, or when to eat and other stiff regulations. Instead     of doing these, why not learn to listen to your body? For example, if you crave for more food even if you’re not hungry, make an effort to do something, like jog or  go biking.

3. Only Eat The Food You Truly Enjoy. To combat binge eating, think of food not just as “fuel” for the body, but something that should be enjoyed. Thus, make sure you eat only the food you enjoy, even if this includes a mix of whole foods, and some of your favorite unhealthy snack foods, but in moderation.

4. Turn The Spotlight on Actions, Instead of Outcomes. According to safe quick and easy weight loss Adelaide advocates, simply proclaiming that you want to stop binge eating isn’t going to be enough. Instead, focus on the concrete actions that you can take, and can lead you to the right step or direction.

Try to think of activities or actions that you can do on a weekly basis. Like for example stock your cupboard or fridge with real and whole foods that you like, do at least 3 strength-training workouts per week, and eat slowly or savor every meal or snack. You can also write down your goals or objectives, and do your best to complete them every week.

In the fight against binge eating and obesity, you should ditch the “quick fix” mindset, and learn to take things one step, or one day, at a time. Make sure you turn the spotlight on daily actions that you can control, as well as focus on your performance with the workouts or exercises. You could also get adequate positive emotional support from friends and family, and get counseling from weight loss and even hypnotherapy SA experts.

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