Three Ways Hypnotheraphy Helps For Weight Loss

You can frown on hypnotheraphy all you want, but don’t diss it until you’ve tried it. With all the skepticism around hypnotheraphy as a legitimate way to loss weight, not to mention the Internet and media brouhaha over it, the absolute truth that it offers is overshadowed. That truth being: traditionally and psychologically, hypnotheraphy works. The Harvard Medical School accepts...
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4 Unique Ideas On How To Truly Break Free From Binge Eating

Of the many public health issues of today, obesity and “binge” eating are perhaps the most prevalent. While we do overeat on certain occasions, especially on Christmas or Thanksgiving and other holidays, what’s distressing is that more people are overeating regularly, and uncontrollably. Some people even use food as a coping mechanism for stress and other negative emotions. The good thing...
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