nhaChange Your Mind and Change Your Life with the cutting edge personal change technologies of  Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and NLP Coaching.

You may be eligible for a rebate if you are member of a Private Health Fund Provider. I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association.  My NHRA Registration Number is CM0612525

WorkCover SA Innovation Fund Project -

The Change Your Mind…Change Your Life personal coaching and training program, was one of the WorkCover SA’s RTW Innovation Fund Projects.  The project was completed in June 2011.  Participants learnt to:

  • Identify and challenge barriers to employment
  • Discover their personal strengths and resources to draw on to achieve their goals
  • Develop problem solving, decision making and basic stress management skills
  • Examine thoughts and behaviours that block goal achievement

Change Your Mind…Change Your Life is our statement of what we believe can occur when we change our mind about how we view the world.  When we consider a wider range of options it enables us to have the flexibility of behaviour through increased choice, thereby, changing or enhancing our life.   It is one of the innovative Return to Work Fund projects designed to enhance injured workers’ return to work rates.

What are the RTW Innovation Fund Projects?

In December 2007, the Clayton-Walsh report to the Government, the Review of the South Australian Workers’ Compensation System, recommended that the WorkCover Corporation establish a Return to Work Fund, to fund innovative and quality initiatives for improving return to work outcomes.    The Government subsequently adopted this recommendation and in April 2008, announced the allocation of $15m to a Return to Work (RTW) Fund to fund initiatives helping retraining, rehabilitation and return to work programs and initiatives.

The objectives of the Fund are:

  • To foster innovation which finds solutions to known barriers to return to work or enhance the effect of factors that support return to work
  • To expand the retraining options for injured workers
  • To develop greater workforce participation options
  • To improve the skills of persons operating in the South Australian workers compensation scheme
  • To establish workplace initiatives which develop and implement sustainable programs to help those sectors with known difficulties in achieving successful and timely return to work outcomes

Change Your Mind…Change Your Life personal coaching and group training project.

The program is a pilot to test whether personal coaching can positively assist injured workers with their return to work goals or outcomes.   This program has been designed by Jane Fielder who has provided rehabilitation services to injured workers for some years and is based on the premise that attitudes and beliefs have a strong role to play in the return to work process.   So when we experience difficulties like delays to be returned to work or getting help to get a new job and all that that entails we can experience frustrations and other emotions.   These emotions can either get us fired up to get things happening, or they can disempower us.

Our program will assist will you in overcoming some of the known obstacles that can be experienced when someone is work injured. We assist you in achieving a balance of Work, Home, and Life.

This innovative program can help you in –

  • overcoming the fear cycle of a return to work
  • overcoming the chronic pain cycle
  • overcoming the overwhelming frustrating emotions that you may experience when work injured and…….
  • getting back to work!!!

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