I suffer from Anxiety Attacks(AA) and it was suggested to me by a friend and Patient of Jane Fielder that I go along and see her….and I am pleased I have done so!

I found Jane very `warm & welcoming` which put me at ease instantly!

Jane explained Hypnotherapy from her perspective……….and then discussed my `issues`…….and why I had same!!

The 1st Session was `enlightening` to both of us as a negative issue came out….a surprise to both of us!!

The 2nd Session focused on all the Positives highlighted from 1st Session…………with NO mention of any Negatives……………..this capped off a worthwhile experience for me re my AA.

I would certainly go back to see Jane if I felt the need arises….and recommend others to experience Jane and her Hypnotherapy methods of healing!!……..for a variety of `issues`.

Greg Perkins

Hi I’m Kiarra Jayde Dennis and I’m twelve years old. I would like to say, Jane, has worked wonders for me. Jane has helped me to overcome, which was at the time, the biggest phobia I have ever had. I had a phobia of throwing up, anything to do with the idea made me literally sick and then I would have panic attacks. I had an anxiety attack once or twice a week, and had anxiety every single night. It haunted me and my one wish all the time was to take this anxiety away! It was horrible. My first session with Jane was calm, relaxing and I felt like I could trust her 100%. She has a very calming voice! Haha! After the first session and onwards I felt so happy! I had no more anxiety what so ever, only ever had it rarely! I did things I could have never done before and it felt great! I recently had my last session with Jane which was my second session and that’s all it took. Two sessions and then my anxiety disappeared. I still have a little bit of it very rarely but nothing like what I used to experience! Thankyou so much Jane! You are a miracle worker!!!!! X

Kiarra Dennis

Letting go of Fear of Injections


Dear Jane,

I have attached a photo of Drew getting her final immunisations 2 days after a hypnosis session whereby you addressed her phobia of needles.   Drew’s fear of needles has stemmed as far back as 2 years of age. We have not been able to mention having needles/injections without creating anxiety, tears and stress. This final immunisation was two and a half years overdue.

Drew remained calm and talkative prior to arriving at the clinic, in the waiting room as well as inside the clinic. Within minutes she had her first injection and even allowed a photo of herself receiving her second injection. This process took just 5 – 10 minutes whereby it would have been over half an hour just to coax, distract and hold her still. I could not believe the difference in Drew from just one session with you. This is truly life changing for her.

We both could not stop smiling after this photo was taken as the change was and is amazing. Words can not express how grateful Drew and I are for helping her and a ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough.

Drew has given her permission for you to use this photo to prove to others that Hypnosis really does work.

Yours sincerely

Dianna Weber

Reducing Alcohol Intake

After Session 1:

Hey Jane. Just a separate note to say the most curious (well – and amazing!!) thing happened yesterday and today … I haven’t even had a craving … seriously! I really didn’t expect that my reaction would be “I really can’t be bothered” and have a perrier water instead. Fascinating as I’ve in the past had lots of willpower behaviour to thank for the success .. this was effortless. Watch this space …… XXX Thanks SO much again. I’ll see you Thursday 9am

After Session 2:

Hey Jane. Still going strong with the no “desire” to drink outside of company ….. It’s really awesome (I’m even impressing myself!! Lunch today in Perth with friends was water and tea, last night with friends at their home 3 wines … Sorry just had to celebrate the changes and figured you’d appreciate it x x

Sports Performance

Thanks for helping my daughter regain her focus and confidence for her gymnastics competition.  From being fearful from getting up on the beam she now goes up confidently and was number one overall winner.

 Sports Performance – Golf

Hi Jane,

Well, I had a very good Sunday. It felt like the right amount of nerves. I putted so much better. All of my long putts were a lot closer to the hole. I had better control of what I was doing.  Easily 5 shots better than the last few weeks. I didn’t win my match, but I was in there all the way and felt so happy at the end of the day with how I played   .Still got a way to go, but my confidence is building.  My worry factor is down from a 9 to a 3.  I actually got to the stage at the end where I wanted people to watch me putt.

Thanks for your help.  Ill keep focusing on the good things we spoke about.

Change Your Mind…Change Your Life

Hypnotherapy Adelaide“ I have now been pain free for 7 days I really enjoyed learning about how I can view pain differently. I now stop and sit on my bed before I get up in the morning. I take a deep breath and change my focus.  Before this program I would get up and rave and rant at my partner because I am in pain and did not sleep well. I can now be in charge of myself, not my pain in charge of me”

“I took on board all you spoke to me about and now I can go out of the house and drive to where I need to go rather than have my son take the day off school to drive me to my appointments.  I have purposefully gone out of the house to socialise with friends.  At the start of the Project I couldn’t drive myself to see you and on my first attempt at driving solo I had a panic attack and had to stop driving.  I rang you and talking to you on the phone got me back home and I successfully drove myself to your course for the next session”

“I love the Relaxation CD and use it daily.  My friend is a Psychiatrist and has listened to my CD and would like a copy for herself and her patients.  I sleep better now and feel much stronger about things”

“I am going to use the concepts I have learnt with my family.”

“My mentor has read your Workbook and advised me to go ahead with the program, he really likes it”

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